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Time to Buy BP?

By Brad Thomason, CPA   BP’s stock price slide has finally taken a break, and shares have bounced nicely off of recent lows.  Is it time to buy it yet? The news coverage has died down a bit.  All parties involved seem resigned to the fact that it’s going to take as long as it [...]

Gulf Oil Spill Continues

By Brad Thomason, CPA   Noah got rained upon for 40 days and 40 nights, the Good Book tells us.  BP has now more or less endured the same in figurative terms, to the effect of losing 1/3 of its value, or $54B in market cap (the share price just a second ago was $43.20, [...]

Transocean 2

By Brad Thomason, CPA   Transocean (RIG) fell again on Friday.  So did the stocks of the other 3 companies most closely involved: British Petroleum (BP), Halliburton (HAL) and Cameron International (CAM).  The indications are that this oil slick is going to be a much bigger problem than was believed even a couple of days [...]