Project Management Services

Sometimes capital management requires more than clicks or phone calls.  When investments in real estate or operating businesses are involved, there has to be a physical-world component in place.  Our current Project Management capabilities began to grow out of this need about 10 years ago, when we started moving heavily into the tax lien space.  Since that time we’ve developed broad experience and capabilities in numerous areas.

Although these assignments are by their very nature unique and custom, here is an overview of some of the types of activities which might be incorporated.

Project Management:

  • Custom Research and Analysis
  • Modeling
  • Portfolio Design
  • Business Plan Development
  • Acquisition Research and Asset Valuation
  • Real Estate Management
  • Construction and Restoration
  • Portfolio Management
  • Disposition/Liquidation


  • Staffing
  • Management of Contractors/Outsourced Suppliers
  • Switchboard and Correspondence
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Reporting
  • Regulatory Maintenance (ongoing filings, registrations, etc)
  • Promotional Assistance

If you have a project that needs to be put in place and/or operated for a sustained period of time, our experience and capabilities can probably yield significant value to your undertaking.


Discuss a Custom Project Need:

Do you have a project or special purpose entity that could benefit from our project management or administrative capabilities?  We’d like to hear about it.

Since each project has its own unique features, we find that a good old fashioned phone call is the most efficient way to start getting on the same page (though we always appreciate the chance to look over any written materials you may already have, prior to the call).

Please contact us to set up a time for a call.

By the Way:  We treat all such calls as confidential anyway, but we are not opposed to executing Non Disclosure Agreements and the like.  Please make sure to advise us of your needs along those lines when you make contact.  For simple NDAs we can usually review, sign and return within one business day.






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