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Investing in Distressed Assets


Financial Decision Making – Theory, Analysis & Tools

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We’re putting the finishing touches on the new courses we’ll be rolling out around the first of March 2013.

We will have a new Decision Theory course (provisionally titled “How to be Wrong”).

On the financial side, we are working on a course which discusses the challenges of finding investment returns and making financial decisions in light of the post-recession economy, and the very unique interest rate market that we’ve been in (“Capital Management in the 21st Century”).

We are also beginning work on a course which outlines the Retirement Income Mapping process developed by Thomason CPA, LLC.  Our goal with this course is to demonstrate to fellow professionals just how far they can go with their clients in terms of budgeting, forecasting and monitoring, if they implement the same tools and processes that are usually seen only in corporate and institutional finance.  The difference (vs conventional personal financial planning) is quite significant.


* 4 hours of Accounting CPE.  Only qualifies for 3 hours of Legal CLE.

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