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Should You Be Concerned About Wealth Inequality?

By Brad Thomason, CPA   If you follow the release of business books, it is likely that you are aware of a couple of block-busting new offerings:  Flash Boys by Michael Lewis, and Capital in the Twenty-First Century by French economist Thomas Piketty. On the surface, these two books may not seem to have much [...]

BRIC … Really?

By Brad Thomason, CPA If you are a reader of the financial press you have most likely come across the acronym BRIC before.  Brazil, Russia, India and China are the four countries whose economies would seem to have the most potential for growth in the coming century.  Just as the 19th century was the European [...]

Real Estate Investing: Direct vs Indirect

By Brad Thomason, CPA Like many assets, there are both direct and indirect options for owning real estate.  Direct ownership is just that: you own the property itself (irrespective of how you acquired it, or whether you have someone else leasing and/or managing it).  Indirect ownership is available through a variety of means including REITs, [...]