Brad Thomason is a Birmingham, AL based CPA who specializes in advisory work for investors and entrepreneurs.

Over the course of 25 years, Thomason has served clients of all types, from Fortune 500 companies and large financial institutions, to family offices and private investment groups, to small business owners and high net worth individuals.

Most of his advisory work today centers on helping clients use capital effectively in pursuit of their broader goals.  He and his team work closely with several investment groups, providing support services for portfolio design, deal flow and asset acquisition, and project management.  When working with individual clients, the most common engagements deal with building retirement income, and transitioning wealth away from higher-risk investments.

In addition to his work as an advisor, Thomason also heads a group of private equity investors with holdings in a range of industries including real estate, insurance and construction.

A frequent writer and lecturer, Thomason provides content to a number of financial websites and gives numerous presentations each year.  He also serves as a writer and instructor of continuing professional education (CPE) materials for both accountants and lawyers.  Common topics include retirement preparedness and ongoing income; proper investment diversification; alternative investments; and management decision making.

Thomason is a graduate of the School of Accountancy at Auburn University.  He is a former auditor in the Financial Services practice area of Ernst & Young, and is also a former NASD Series 24 General Securities Principal with a national broker/dealer.



*For additional information about the advisory services of Thomason CPA, please visit us at www.ThomasonCPA.com


“Financial Decisions should support Life Goals”

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