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A Note from Brad Thomason:


This site was our “home on the web” for many years, and although we are not adding new content or blog posts at this time, we decided to leave the site active.  There’s a lot of good information (if we do say so ourselves…) and the blog roll has a number of posts which are still just as timely today as they were when first posted.

For more current content, we offer a couple of choices.  ThomasonCPA.com provides information about the firm and the kinds of services we offer to our clients.  Also, please visit our new online resource NoStockPortfolio.com for lots of great information about investing in Alternative Assets.

As always, we appreciate your interest in our work, and would be happy to speak with you if any of our service offerings would be useful to you.  Thanks, and good luck with all of your endeavors this year.


Jan 2015




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